Soler Romero Picual (Organic) 500ml

2023 FEB
2020 OCT/NOV
700-800 mg/kg
Jaén, Andalucía, SPAIN.


Green & medium fruity. On the nose, intense fruitiness of green grass and olive leaves with touches of green fruits like olives, tomato and artichoke. On the palate, the intensity of the herbaceous sensations is balanced with the bitterness and green flavour that stays at the end of the tasting. It is slightly sweet on entrance.

FOR WHOM: Those who enjoy green, moderate bitterness and slight peppery aftertaste of extra virgin olive oil. High polyphenol. Very healthy and also tasty.

USE: Ideal for daily use and raw consumption, superb for dressing salads, spreading over grilled bread, and any complex dishes.

AWARD: Gold in BIOL 2015 _ Ranked World’s Number 9 in Der Feinschmecker Olio Award 2015 _ Silver in Guide Book of EVOO: Taste & Health 2015 _ Top 25 in World’s Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil _ Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil in ‎Repsol‬ Guide.

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Soler Romero Picual Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

PRODUCER: Soler Romero.

OLIVE GROVE: The estate, “Cortijo El Tobazo,” is located in Alcaudete, in the province of Jaén, Andalucía, southern Spain, at an average height of 600 meters above the sea and a wide temperature range between summer and winter. This environment allows a natural disinfection of the olive trees, keeping them safe from plagues and illness without the use of chemical products.


Picual is a healthiest and most stable olive variety. It has very high oleic acid and antioxidants content, which are good for our heart and brain. It is also highly resistant to rancidness. Picual retains its quality characteristics, two or three times longer than any other variety of olives.


CERTIFICATION: 100% organic, bio-diverse olive tree forest.

  1. CAAE (for EU, regulation on organic farming EEC 834/2007). Since 2001.
  2. USDA (US, NOP). First Spanish producer to obtain USDA certificate. Since 2003.
  3. JAS (Japanese agricultural Standard). Since 2004.
  4. Chinese organic certificate. First Spanish producer to obtain Chinese certificate. Since 2011.
  5. Korean organic certificate.
  6. QvExtra! awards an international seal of quality for extra virgin olive oil which meets all the chemical, physical and sensorial requirements agreed by the association.


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