Soler Romero Balsamic Vinegar (Organic) 250ml


ACIDITY: 6%. AGED: 5 years in oak barrels.
CONTENT: 250ml. PACKAGING: Dark Glass Bottle.

TASTE: Rich, sweet vinegar with toasted aroma, caramel, coffee and signs of its long ageing in American and French oak barrels. Persistent end. Creamy texture. 100% natural and organic.

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Soler Romero Organic Balsamic Vinegar

BRAND: Soler Romero.

CONTENT: 250ml. PACKAGING: Dark Glass Bottle.

INGREDIENT: Organic wine vinegar and concentrated grape must.  100% natural and organic ingredients are used to make this balsamic vinegar, without any caramel or syrup added. Its natural sweetness comes from Pedro Ximenez and the cooked grape juice. The grape juice is heated until getting caramelised, and later it is blended with the wine vinegar.

TASTE: This balsamic vinegar has a dense, dark and brilliant liquid with velvety texture and a complex flavour that is sweet and sour at the same time. The taste is very special due to the blends of sweet grapes like Pedro Ximenez and Malbec, and aged in Oak barrels for 5 years.


FOOD PAIRING: Ideal for salads, meat and fish dishes as well as for preparing different types of sauces.

PROCESS: The secret of making this vinegar is to use a combination of high quality raw material (organic grapes from Spain), with no addition of additives or sugar, following an ancestral method of fermentation of wine and grape must, and then let it rest and aged for 5 years in American and French oak barrels.

These balsamic vinegars are produced under international quality standards and are certified organic by CAAE (European) and USDA.

CERTIFICATION: CAAE (for EU, regulation on organic farming EEC 834/2007).



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