We work directly with small farmers and ethical producers who always strive to make genuine and authentic extra virgin olive oil, using nothing but current year’s harvested olives, so that we can always deliver the freshest extra virgin olive oil to our customers.

Our partners follow the standard operating procedures to extract the olive oil. They will first harvest the olives at the right moment in October and/or November of the year and specially select the best olives for milling. They will mill the olives within 24 hours after harvest, and extract the olive oil with a temperature of not more than 27oC to produce low acidity (Free Fatty Acid) extra virgin olive oil. Our partners will then ensure that the extra virgin olive oil is free from sensory defects and exhibit fruitiness. READ: Premium Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

We currently work with four partners from SPAIN whom we think have consistently produced high quality extra virgin olive oil. We have selected these extra virgin olive oils to meet the individuals’ taste preference, ranging from delicate and mild for those who prefer not so bitter olive oil, to medium and robust (strong) ones.

  • Señorío de Vizcántar : An olive oil producer from Priego de Córdoba, a town perhaps unknown to most people but its olive oils are no stranger to the spotlight – Priego de Córdoba has produced more than 600 national and international awards in world olive oil competitions. Señorío de Vizcántar Normal and Bio-Vizcantar (Organic) are ripe fruity, delicate and mild extra virgin olive oils, whereas Señorío de Vizcántar Special Selection is an early harvest green extra virgin olive oil with medium intensity and floral finish. It is also Singapore Chef preferred choice for their culinary preparation. The polyphenols are in the range of 300-500 mg/kg.
  • Soler Romero : A family farm in Jaén, Soler Romero only produces organic extra virgin olive oil of high polyphenol counts (i.e. antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties) – often in the range of 800-1000 mg/kg. Due to its high polyphenols, these early harvest green extra virgin olive oils are very bitter and strong (robust) in intensity. Soler Romero First Day of Harvest and Picual have been well recognised internationally and have received numerous awards for its excellent taste and health benefits. These are for those who are health conscious while enjoying the taste of strong olive oil.
  • AESA: Agropecuaria Ecológica Sierra de Alcaraz (AESA) is located in Alcaraz, Albacete. It solely produces organic extra virgin olive oils. Harvest is always early because their olive farms are located at higher elevation of the Prebética mountain range. Award-winning olive oils, the taste can be summarised as sweet, delicate, mild and smooth. OLV is the most awarded brand in Biofach. Almazara de Alcaraz is a coupage with great fruitiness and pleasant itching and bitterness. Whereas O’Oleum de la via Verde is produced from olives from first day of harvest. If you want your kids to consume olive oil at a young age, start with any one of these. The polyphenols are in the range of 300-500 mg/kg.
  • Al Alma del Olivo : A small family farm and an olive oil producer dedicated to the production of organic extra virgin olive oil, Al Alma del Olivo is located in the town of La Guardia, Toledo province, Spain. Its olive groves are fully integrated with the local fauna and flora, and cohabited with rabbits, hares, bustards, Bonelli’s eagles, etc. Its signature award-winning olive oil is Al Alma del Olivo HojiblancaMedium intensity, green and aromatic – An everyday delights. The polyphenols are around 500 mg/kg.
Juan Gil Wine

We now include wine in our portfolio simply because both extra virgin olive oil and wine are rich in antioxidants. They also complement each other to form part of healthiest Mediterranean diet – One of the important elements of the Mediterranean diet is enjoying a glass of wine with family and friends.

Scientific studies have shown that the compound in wine called resveratrol (白藜芦醇) is linked to having anti-ageing properties and may lead to a longer lifespan. Wine also contains plentiful of polyphenols (flavonoids), which include anthocyanins (花青素) and tannins (单宁), which contribute to the colour and mouthfeel of the wine.

We source our wines just like we do for our extra virgin olive oil – only the best and those that we love to consume ourselves are considered.

  • Juan Gil: Located in the north east of Murcia, a town called Jumilla in the south-eastern Spain, Juan Gil wines are tasty and healthy. Yellow Label and Silver Label are red wines produced from 100% Monastrell grape variety. Some wine critics have praised these wines as the best expressions of the Monastrell. While the premium red wine, Juan Gil Blue Label, is produced from low-yielding, old vine, Monastrell, plus additional Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. Critics have scored this wine as one of the top 5 Jumilla wines. Juan Gil Blanco, a young and dry white wine, is produced from Moscatel grapes. This white wine has received good scores from various critics such as Guia Peñin 90, Cellar Tracker 90, Stephen Tanzer 90, and James Suckling 90.

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  1. Which type of your product is suitable for skin and scalp?

    1. Hi Khin. As long as it is high quality extra virgin olive oil, they are suitable for use on skin and scalp.

      If you have no preference of organic, Senorio de Vizcantar Normal is one that offers high amount of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties needed by our body. As the usage rate on skin may be high, we recommend 2.5L Tin as it is more value-for-money.

      For organic, we recommend Soler Romero Picual. The amount of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties are high too.

      When you are buying extra virgin olive oil, do pay attention to buying a high quality one for you need its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

      Hope these help. Thanks. Best Regards, Agus. Only Olive Oil.

  2. Hi, may i knownif u have organic first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil in 3 or 5L bottle?

    1. Hi Audrey, we don’t have organic extra virgin olive oil at this moment. But we will likely be getting organic 5L in Feb/Mar 2018. And probably 3L organic as well. Stay tune!

  3. Hi,

    As I would like to mix extra virgin olive oil for facial use,
    which one would you recommend?


    1. Hi Joanne, two properties to take into consideration. One is the antioxidants, and the other is the anti-inflammatory properties in the extra virgin olive oil.

      Look for extra virgin olive oil that gives you the bitterness and spiciness when you taste it directly – these attributes are indicators of the richness of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory in the extra virgin olive oil.

      Within the range of olive oils we carry, you can use Picuda, Senorio de Vizcantar (Organic or Special Selection), and Venta del Baron. You can browse through our product description to decide on which one is best for you.

      I know that some people prefer to use organic extra virgin olive oil as one of the main ingredients to home-make the facial products.

      From value-for-money perspective, you can consider Picuda as we are currently having special promotion for 2015 Christmas – The joy of Christmas is doing a little something extra for everyone.

      Picuda (500ml) S$10/bottle – Valid till 31 December 2015. Free delivery for order above S$40.

      From cost-effective perspective, Clásica extra virgin olive oil is best, especially now where Christmas promotion is on going till 31 December 2015. A bottle of 500ml Clásica is only S$7/bottle, and 750ml is S$10/bottle.

      Hope this helps.

      Best Regards,


  4. We found the olive oils to be light and flavorful, perfect for Italian and seafoods!

  5. Bought 2 bottles of Venta del Barón recently. Started using it to prepare salad. My family loves the taste.

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