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来自台湾的 Chef Jack Lee 李尚伦老师

你知道吗?一瓶一公升纯正的特级初榨橄榄油(extra virgin olive oil)需要6公斤的橄榄才能压榨成油。

在橄榄盛产的地中海沿岸国家把橄榄油誉为液体黄金(liquid gold)。品质好的特级初榨橄榄油被称做 橄榄汁 (olive juice)。除了用来凉拌沙拉,蘸面包吃,做各式烹调,甚至可以生饮

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Does Olive Oil “Expire”?

When we pick up a bottle of olive oil at a grocery store, or anything in fact, we will almost always check for the “expiry date” printed on the product.

We don’t use “expiry” date in olive oil to signify the “use by” date. Instead, the term “best before” date is used. The two mean very different things.

Does olive oil “expire”? Does “expired” olive oil hurt? Here we will explain.

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