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Olive Oil in Bag-In-Box: How to Use?

Bag-In-Box: BIO-Vizcantar & Vizcantar Normal

Olive oil in a bag within a box (Bag-In-Box) is a relatively new notion in the olive oil industry. We introduce the concept to Singapore last year for our olive oil users. As of date, we are not aware of any local olive oil suppliers/distributors embrace this idea.

Without doubts, the two most important benefits of Bag-in-Box are, firstly, it is value-for-money, and second, it keeps the content fresher for a longer period after opening.

Bag-in-Box: A bladder or bag is seated inside a box. It holds the olive oil.

Bag-in-Box consists of a bladder, and a box, of which both are providing double protective layers for any possible light penetration to the olive oil. Together with an air-tight dispenser or tap, which is made of a one-way valve, it protects the olive oil from exposure to air and coming in contact with oxygen and moisture upon opening.

A study conducted by the University of Córdoba has contributed to the Bag-In-Box for consistently preserving the quality and extending the shelf life of olive oil over a longer period of time, versus if the olive oil is packaged in glass or PET bottle, or tin when it is opened for use.

For more details of the anatomy of Bag-In-Box, you can read: Olive Oil in Bag-In-Box. Why?

How to Operate Bag-in-Box?

Bag-in-Box is easy to operate.

Credit: Vitop

Here is a video, courtesy of el Olivo Global, that best demonstrates the process, from opening the box to operating.

Señorío de Vizcántar 5L Bag-In-Box

The 5 litre Bag-In-Box is recommended for everyday consumption, be it using it raw or for cooking and frying.

With acidity approximately 0.25% and a smoke point around 210°C, it is a must-have staple to stock our kitchen.

It comes in two types:

BIO-Vizcantar 5L Bag-In-Box

BIO-Vizcantar: An organic extra virgin olive oil.

TASTE: Delicate, mild, and green fruity. The entry into the mouth is herbaceous, and slowly giving way to a pleasant bitterness, and a touch of spiciness at the back of the tongue.

Bag-In-Box: 5L, Senorio de Vizcantar Normal

Señorío de Vizcántar Normal: A high quality extra virgin olive oil.

TASTE: Aromatic, fruity with a well-balance of herbal and floral aftertaste, and a hint of green. Medium bitterness and peppery finish.

USE: Both extra virgin olive oil is excellent for everyday use, drizzling, cooking or frying and for any raw consumption such as direct intake of spoonful. Its smoke point is ~210°C.

FOOD PAIRING: Superb for crisp green salads, pastas, fish and seafood. Good for dipping with a crust of bread, drizzling and for everyday cooking and frying.

Credit: Featured image olive grove background is credited to with thanks el Olivo Global

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