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QUALITY – From Farm To Production

WHAT GOES IN, MUST COME OUT. In an environmentally-friendly olive ecosystem, whatever goes in, only extra virgin olive oil must come out.

This vision is executed perfectly in Soler Romero’s family farm – It makes its own compost and uses these decomposed organic materials as soil conditioner, natural fertilizer and as organic pesticide to grow its olive trees. What this means?

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WINE & Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Juan Gil Wine

We now include wine in our portfolio simply because both extra virgin olive oil and wine are rich in antioxidants. They also complement each other to form part of the Mediterranean diet, which is one of the healthiest diets

Over the last three decades accumulating evidence has confirmed that Mediterranean diet helps keep our heart and brain healthy. This diet plan is built around plant-based foods and extra virgin olive oil, and often suggests moderate consumption of dairy products and limited intake of red meat.

Other important elements of the Mediterranean diet are sharing meals with family and friends, enjoying a glass of wine, and being physically active.

Life is full of choices. We can always live a healthier and happier lifestyle if we opt for a more relax diet regime and focus more on what and what not to eat in our everyday diet plan. We can certainly do so with Juan Gil wines, if we consciously drink in moderation, drink in balance between health and enjoyment, and as much as possible drink together with our loved one.

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