We always have the people at heart!

Reg. No. 53252803D

Reg. No. 53252803D

Headquartered in Singapore, VAS&SAV is a family-operated import/export & wholesale company.

We strongly believe in family value and trust. We always have the people at heart, and we strive to make the World’s Best Premium Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil affordable.

Who Are the Founders?

With a combined industry experience of 50 years in the education/training sector, and 20 in the management, Agus Rahardja & Shirley Shih, a husband & wife team, are committed to promote awareness and the use of Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a healthy choice in our daily culinary preparation.

Agus & Shirley at Vizcántar's olive groves.

Agus & Shirley at Vizcántar’s olive groves.

Why Should You Buy Olive Oil from VAS&SAV?

We only bring in the World’s Best & Highest Quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil for all of us who desire to live a healthy life. More importantly, we make it affordable.

We work directly with the olive oil producers in their countries of origin. Our partners use state-of-the-art milling technology to mill the olives within 24 hours of harvest to capture the fresh essence so as to produce the finest olive oil.

Why Should You Partner with VAS&SAV?

We are a small company with a big heart. We always have the people at heart. We are often on the lookout for Premium Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil for our customers. We believe in making the World’s Best Premium Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil affordable to all of us who desire for a healthy lifestyle.

How Could We Work Together?

Our Customers

We will be very pleased to work closely with you on your everyday culinary needs using our World’s Best Premium Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

If you can arrange a venue, gather a small group of friends, we will run a free education workshop on “How to Choose & Taste Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil”.

Photo: donireewalker. Creative Common License.

Photo: donireewalker. Creative Common License.

Our Olive Oil Partners

For those Extra Virgin Olive Oil producers who share the same belief as us, we want to introduce your Premium Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil to our Customers.

We are not only interested to talk to you, but also would like to visit your farm and production mill, look at how you manage the quality, from harvest and production to storage, bottling and delivery.

 Buying or Partnering, Please Contact: 

Agus Rahardja

We make World’s Best & Premium Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil Affordable!

2012. Triggering

Founder-Agus Rahardja

Founder : Agus Rahardja

Having been working nearly 18 years in the education sector, Agus Rahardja did not ever dream of becoming his own boss one day. Life was good. Everyday was a challenge. Though there were the usual ups and downs in the office, he always looked forward to a new day.

It was not until the 10th August 2012, where things started to crumble – Agus suddenly found his right eyeball not being able to move left nor right after experiencing an intense and severe headache the day before. He was immediately sent to the hospital after suspecting a possible stroke or having a tumor in the brain that caused the sixth nerve malfunctioned, and was warded for 3 days.

It was during these few days, amidst the CT scans, MRI, and blood tests, that ultimately changed his perspectives towards life.

What if I only have a few weeks, months or years to live my life?” He asked himself. “How much time I have spent with my family in the past years?”

Not much actually – few hours between dinner and sleep. Weekends were occupied by work-related activities. Can’t be help, can it?

At the age of 52.

The idea of founding a business came into mind when the possibility of an early retirement from his tenure teaching position at the educational institution floated through his mind.

Agus wanted to re-align the remaining of his career towards working alongside with his wife, Shirley Shih, and building the business foundation for their only daughter, Vicky.

Shirley, on the other hand, was having hard times coping with travelling back and forth between Singapore and Taiwan for the past three years to take care of her mother, who has been diagnosed with dementia.

Deciding on a business focusing on Extra Virgin Olive Oil was never a difficult one.

Through our intensive research with reference to various clinical studies, we have learnt that consumption of Extra Virgin Olive Oil on a daily basis offers multitude of health benefits, this includes, but is not limited to, the possible prevention or delay of the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease and reducing the severity of its symptoms.

What if our kids and family members start consuming Extra Virgin Olive Oil at a younger age on a regular basis?  2 tablepoonful a day in the morning or using at least 3 tablespoons as cooking oil to fry vegetables, will that help?”

That was the question we asked ourselves. We will never know the answer. But every single little things we do count towards prevention. Prevention is better than having to experience the emotional struggle in caring for our loved ones under such circumstances.

2013. Visioning

At the time of his discharge from the hospital, Agus was shocked to find a close to S$6,000 hospital bill for a merely three-day stay. Medishield insurance helped very little, or almost none at all, in alleviating the cost because he naively opted for a B1 bed instead of B2 or C for the duration of his hospital stays.

Do we have to pay a premium for every single things we do in life?” “Can’t we have a quality life, at the same time, paying at an affordable price?” He asked himself.

2014. Strengthening

The infamous cooking oil scandal in Taiwan that affected the lives of the people over a span of 20 years served as a timely trigger for Agus & Shirley. It strengthened their belief in adopting an ethical model of running business, one that is sincere and genuine. It was then did they decide to import only the World’s Best and High Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil for their customers.

Are the consumers always at the receiving end – susceptible to the mercy of big conglomerates or profiteering-minded businesses whose goal is to only maximise their profit on the expense of their customers’ lost?” We are puzzled and wondered.

Can’t we put people at heart while running a business? The answer to this question strengthens our belief and vision.

2015. Confirming

Shirley speaks fluent Spanish, thanks to the days she spent as an undergraduate in Madrid. Her written Spanish is not bad either. With friends and relatives in Spain whom we can turn to, it gives us a competitive advantage when sourcing and importing quality Spanish olive oil.

Mueloliva Mill Visit.

Agus and Mateo, Export Manager of Mueloliva, while touring at Mueloliva’s production facilities, World Top 5 mills, 4th in 2014, 2nd in 2013, 5th in 2011.

In January this year, we visited our suppliers and paid attention to all the little things they do to ascertain ourselves that they could consistently produce quality olive oil before we call them “Our Partners“.

We are glad to announce that both of our partners, Mueloliva and Vizcántar, are certified by the Denominación de Origen Protegida (D.O.P.) Priego de Córdoba, Andalucía, Spain, which is regulated by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, and the official body to certify the Extra Virgin Olive Oil for its OriginQuality.

All farming and production milling have to be adhered to a very strict guidelines and procedures lay down by the D.O.P.


Agus and Fermin, Owner of Vizcántar and Olive Oil’s Master Taster, touring at Vizcántar’s olive farm. We visited their millenary olive tree. It has been said that older trees contain significantly higher polyphenol content.

A Bit of Our Partners

Mueloliva, founded in 1942, produces Extra Virgin Olive Oils that are ranked #1 (Venta del Barón) for 2013 and 2014 and ranked #8 (Picuda) in World’s Best Olive Oils campaign for 2014.

Mueloliva’s Extra Virgin Olive Oils have received more than 60 awards over 8 countries at major international competitions. They are also a highly regarded Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the Italian market, recognised for the exceptional quality.

VizcántarThe eminent olive oil Master Taster, Mr Fermin Rodríguez Jiménez, also owner of Vizcántar, created the Señorío de Vizcántar brand that has won the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the year 2014 in World Ranking Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Señorío de Vizcántar is also a Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil selected by children in Olivinus Niños 2014.

2015. Serving

We are anxiously awaiting for the arrival of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the early part of May. We are excited about our new venture. We look forward to the new challenge.

However, when we look at ourselves in retrospective, we prefer not to be seen as business persons but rather as social entrepreneurs in spirits, consultants and educators.

Our aim is to promote the awareness and use of good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil in our daily culinary preparation.

We intend to bring Premium Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil to everyone who desires for a healthy lifestyle at an affordable price. We have a range of olive oils that serve this purpose.

Walking along an olive grove, understanding how olive trees are nurturing.

Walking along an olive grove to understand how olive trees are being nurtured and cared for.

Health Benefits

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and contains natural anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants, such as polyphenols, oleocanthal, and tocopherol (Vitamin E), offers us many health benefits that we could not resist.

For examples, it offers protection against heart disease. It may have a protective role on breast, colon, lung, ovarian and skin cancer development. The phytonutrients in olive oil have also been shown to decrease blood levels of glucose and insulin, decrease blood pressure, and decrease blood coagulation. It may reduce the risk of type II diabetes, and help reduce levels of obesity.

This is Our Story.

Well, we started the business because we wanted to contribute our fair share in fighting Alzheimer’s disease – In a very small way within our means, which may be meaningful to those who needs to be cared for.

We hope our story will continue in the many years to come. We invite you to participate in the building of a never-ending story and interact with us over the years. We pray that by building the stories, we are slowly moving towards our dream: For every kid and family to start living towards a healthier and heartier future.

Together, We build a never-ending story.

Mueloliva & Vizcántar produce world’s best premium quality extra virgin olive oil. 

Mueloliva-Venta 1st Prize



Founded in 1942, the founder Mr. Muela Mateo Velasco believed that the future of olive oil laid in the perseverance of the tradition rather than mass production.

With this vision, he started to produce extra virgin olive oil in the mill he set up and jumped into using the cold pressing technique, which was then considered ahead of time.

In 1958, Mr Muela Mateo Velasco established a second mill, and introduced an innovative pressing system developed by himself. With this method, he began to produce a special oil that has over time become one of the best oils in the world and a benchmark in the domestic market.

In 1998, the third generation of the family took over the helm and further introduced new technologies to produce olive oil that would consistently maintain its quality. Since then, its Extra Virgin Olive Oil has won many top awards at the international and national competitions years after years.

Mueloliva, a company with more than 70 years of experience growing olives and producing olive oil using technologies, is ranked 4th and 2nd in the World’s Best Olive Oil Mills in 2013/2014 and 2012/2013 respectively. Best National (Spain) Olive Oil mill in 2015.

Mueloliva Olive Mill 4th Prize

At a Glance – Mueloliva’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The olive groves and production mills of Mueloliva’s are located in Priego de Córdoba, Andalucia, Spain, which is well known for some of the world’s best brands as well as responsible for the 80% of the overall Spain’s olive oil production.

  1. Venta del Barón: Limited production edition. Certificate: Denominación de Origen Protegida Priego de Córdoba, Andalucía, Spain. Taste: intense fruity. Ranking: World #1 Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Spain’s Best. Varietals: A blend of Hojiblanca and Picudo olives.
  2. Picuda: Taste: Medium fruity. Ranking: World #8 Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Monovariety Olive: Picudo.
  3. Clásica: Taste: Light fruity. Award: 2012 Olio Award. A healthier choice for everyday cooking/frying. Varietals: A blend of Hojiblanca and Picual.


Mateo, Export Manager of Mueloliva, explaining to Agus the milling process & storage facilities.

Mueloliva does not use any water or heat during the milling process to extract the olive oil from the olives. This preserves most, if not all of the attributes of the olive oil, and hence its Extra Virgin Olive Oil has high concentration of tocopherols, phytosterols and phenols, all important nutritional components that are extremely good for our health.



Fermin and Agus at Vizcántar's olive grove.

Fermin & Agus standing in front of the millenary olive tree at Vizcántar’s olive grove.


In January 2015, we visited Priego de Córdoba and Vizcántar’s olive grove. We also attended an olive oil tasting workshop conducted by Mr Fermín Rodríguez Jiménez, the owner of Vizcántar.

The winding street of Priego de Córdoba with hanging flower plots.

The winding street of Priego de Córdoba with hanging flower plots.

Priego de Córdoba, Andalucia, Spain is a beautiful and lovely place to visit but relatively an unbeaten track to most international travelers. We love wondering around the winding street where flowers pots could be seen hanging on and decorating the white walls.

Unknown to most people, this town has received nearly 600 national and international olive oil awards. It has also produced many world’s best premium olive oil brands such as Mueloliva’s Venta del Barón and Picuda, which are ranked No. 1 & 8 respectively.

As a note of interest, the first award received by an olive mill in Priego de Córdoba could be traced back to 1912.Vizcantar logo

Aceites Vizcántar started its family-run business in 1946. It has since passed on to the third generations where the art of growing the olives and producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil becoming more polish and systematic.

As a result, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil it produces has won many international and national top awards, including receiving Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Year 2014 in World Ranking Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Mr Fermín Rodríguez Jiménez is an olive oil Master Taster in Priego de Córdoba.

Mr Fermín Rodríguez Jiménez, himself is one of the olive oil Master Taster in Priego de Córdoba, who annually determines which of the local olive oils earn the Denominación de Origen (D.O.) for this historic town. Fermin knows what constitute good olive oil and certainly knows how to produce good Extra Virgin Olive Oil based on his experience as an olive oil Master Taster, olive groves farmer and olive oil producer.

Vizcántar’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil carries the regional guarantee of origin and quality label Denominación de Origen Priego de Córdoba, and is farmed organically.

Vizcántar observes a very strict quality control procedures, which apply to the entire production process from the care for the olive trees, the methods of harvesting the olives, to the milling and the extraction and storage of the olive oil, and on to the follow-up of biological physo-chemical and organoleptic analyses, and end with the bottling. The EVOO is then introduced to the market with a guarantee of its origin and quality with D.O. logo.

At a Glance – Vizcántar’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Vizcántar uses three types of olives in the production, namely Picudo, Picual and Hojiblanca.

Señorío de Vizcántar received Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil in 2014, and Best  Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Children (selected by children) in Olivinus Niños 2014. It has a much lighter fruity taste than Señorío de Vizcántar Special Selection.

Señorío de Vizcántar (Special Selection) is a limited production edition where olive oil Master Taster, Mr Fermín Rodríguez Jiménez, specially picks the best olives to produce this finest quality of EVOO. This most aromatic & fruity oil is distinguished by its initial herbal notes that evolved into a floral finished.

Certified by the Denominación de Origen (D.O.P.) Priego de Córdoba, Andalucía, Spain for its origin and quality.


Agus learnt from Fermin on how to select and taste a good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Making good olive oil is about paying attention to lots of small details, such as not to bruise the fruit, otherwise the olive oil has a higher acidity and less delicacy. — Mr Fermín Rodríguez Jiménez.

Video Summary: Mr Fermín Rodríguez Jiménez was explaining the three types of olive trees normally grown in Priego de Córdoba. They are, hojiblanca, a slight sweet taste in the beginning, a slight bitter taste of unripe fruits, and an almond aftertaste; picudo, a soft fruity flavour, and picual, a bold and peppery taste, very aromatic with high bitter and spice.

He was also explaining the kind of soil needed to grow the olives, and the best weather conditions to harvest healthy olives.

Fermin also proudly presented the olive trees he personally cared for in his family olive groves. The age of the trees ranges from 20 years to 200 and 1,000 years.




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