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Reg. No. 53252803D
Reg. No. 53252803D

VAS & SAV TRADING is a family-run import/export & wholesale company. It has operated in Singapore since 2014 with its main business activity in sourcing and distributing premium quality extra virgin olive oil around the region.

Our vision is to make world’s best and premium quality extra virgin olive oils affordable.

Who Are the Founders?

With a combined industry experience of 50 years, Agus Rahardja & Shirley Shih, a husband & wife team, are committed to promote awareness and use of extra virgin olive oil as a healthy choice in our daily culinary preparation and everyday diet.

And we aim to balance quality with price.

Agus & Shirley at Vizcántar's olive groves.
Agus & Shirley at Vizcántar’s olive groves.

Why Should You Buy Olive Oil from Us?

We work directly with the olive oil producers in their countries of origin. As part of our SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), we will visit our potential partners on our first engagement to understand their quality philosophy and production pipeline, and strive our best to visit them every year to ensure that we receive the best olive oils for you.

We are pleased to report that our partners are using state-of-the-art milling technology to mill the olives within 24 hours of harvest and an extraction temperature of not more than 27oC to capture the fresh essence so as to produce the finest olive oil with low acidity.

And we make them affordable.

Why Should You Partner with Us?

We are a small company, but with a big heart. We are dedicated and passionate. And we are attentive to details.

We always have the people at heart, and hence we are very selective in choosing a potential partner to work with.

When we work with you, it is a testimonial of our trust in you – the way you operate your business, and the quality of your olive oils.

Together, we bring the quality brands to our customers in the region.

Only Olive Oil - Product Range
Only Olive Oil – Product Range

Our Olive Oil Partners.

Aceites Vizcántar is a small farm located in Priego de Cordoba, Spain. Led by Mr Fermin Rodríguez, the Master Olive Oil Taster and the National Champion of Spain, it produces two brands of extra virgin olive oils, Señorío de Vizcántar and Bio-Vizcántar, certified by the Denomination of Origin Priego de Cordoba.

Soler Romero is a family-run business since 1859 for six generations. Its olive groves are located in Jaen, Spain, and they are fully organic olive farms with total traceability. It produces two brands of organic extra virgin olive oil, First Day of Harvest and Picual, both are certified by five organic organisations around the world.

We are partners on business but friends in private.

Photo: donireewalker. Creative Common License.

Working Together: Potential Olive Oil Partners & Friends

If you are a producer of premium quality extra virgin olive oil, we want to work closely with you as a partner and friend. We will be excited to bring in your olive oil and introduce your olive oil to our customers in the region.

As part of our SOP and partnership considerations, we will like to visit your farm and production mill, look at how you manage the quality, from harvest and production to storage, bottling and delivery.

We invite you to interact with us!

 Buying or Partnering, Please Contact: 
Agus Rahardja
We make World’s Best Affordable!

2014 – 2017.   Only Olive Oil – Our Story.

Welcome to Only Olive Oil – Enjoy the wonderful aroma & taste of world’s best extra virgin olive oil in Singapore.

Founder-Agus Rahardja
Founder: Agus Rahardja

Agus Rahardja, together with Shirley Shih, founded VAS & SAV TRADING – ONLY OLIVE OIL in 2014, after having been working for nearly 30 years.

Many factors and circumstances could have been contributed to the idea of founding a business at that age, but deciding on a business focusing on extra virgin olive oil was never a difficult one.

Our decision is firmly grounded on a simple what-if question:

What if our kids and family members start consuming extra virgin olive oil at a younger age on a regular basis, will it be good enough to prevent dementia, cancer, heart problems or any illness that is normally associated with old age?

We will never know the answer. But every single little things we do count towards prevention.

Prevention is better than having to experience the emotional struggle in caring for our loved ones under such circumstances, and seeing them going through the struggles.

Visiting the production facilities is a must in our standard operating procedures to ensure that the production areas are clean, and good practices are put in place.

2018 – Present.   Our Vision, Our Goals.

We strive to make award-winning, premium quality & world’s best extra virgin olive oil affordable!

The infamous cooking oil scandal in Taiwan that affected the lives of the people over a span of 20 years is alarming.

Are the consumers always at the receiving end – susceptible to the mercy of big conglomerates or profiteering-minded businesses whose goal is to only maximise their profit on the expense of their customers’ lost?

Can’t we put people at heart while running a business?

The answers to these questions have already guided us over the years and we will continue to run our business with sincerity and honesty.

Attempting to change the behaviours of human is always an unthinkable challenge. Nonetheless, we will also persevere in our efforts to promote awareness and use of good quality extra virgin olive oil in our daily culinary preparation.

Vizcantar_Visit Touring the olive groves is also a must in our standard operating procedures to ensure that the farm practices ethical farming and takes care of its surrounding environment.

This is Our Story.

Well, we started our business because we wanted to contribute our fair share in fighting Alzheimer’s disease – in a very small way within our means.

We hope that our story will continue in the many years to come. We also hope that more people are coming on board in using high quality extra virgin olive oil in our everyday diet.

We invite you to interact with us frequently. And together, we build a never-ending story.

Walking along an olive grove, understanding how olive trees are nurturing. Walking along an olive grove to understand how olive trees are being nurtured and cared for.

Together, We build a never-ending story.
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