20 Mar

Simple & Healthy Recipes Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Yes, we live in a stressful society. But, life does not have to be complicated!

With 30ml (two tablespoons) of extra virgin olive oil a day, doing it consistently over the years, we can build up our body’s defence system against diseases. All we need is to know how! It is ok to start now!

How should we incorporate extra virgin olive oil to our everyday diet? In simple, easy, hassle-free, and more convenient ways?

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23 Jun

4 Misconceptions About Extra Virgin Olive Oil

8-Olive-Oil-Tasting Through casual conversations, we realised that many people have misconceptions on Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), and are confused in the ways in which we can use EVOO.

In this article, we hope to resolve these concerns and to provide a clearer understanding on the benefits and ways we can use EVOO in our daily culinary preparations. What are these concerns?

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11 May

Tortilla Española con Pan Tomaca


We had our Mother’s Day dinner at home. Our own “celebrity” chef, i.e. Shirley the mom, homemaker, Director of Operations and co-founder of VAS & SAV TRADING, prepared us a healthy and yummy Mediterranean style dinnerTortilla Española con Pan Tomaca (Spanish Omelette with Bread and Tomatoes).

If you follow the recipe provided here and the cooking instructions, you could also make your own Spanish tapas at home for less than S$8, which is fit for a family of three.

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09 May

Homemade Chinese Dumplings


A week after the official launch of our premium quality extra virgin olive oil from Spain, these are what we have learnt so far. While people are aware of its health benefits, there are misconceptions on the use of extra virgin olive oil in our daily culinary preparation too. Thus, we would like to share these simple but important facts of extra virgin olive oil that few people are aware.

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