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Olive Oil in Bag-in-Box. Why?

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Bag in a box to wine lovers is not a stranger. The benefits of Bag-in-Box are many folds. The most important one is keeping the content fresher for a longer period after opening.

The olive oil industry has recently started to package olive oil in this way. We are quick to introduce this new packaging to our Singaporean friends. Let’s find out what Bag-in-Box is all about?

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Does Olive Oil “Expire”?

When we pick up a bottle of olive oil at a grocery store, or anything in fact, we will almost always check for the “expiry date” printed on the product.

We don’t use “expiry” date in olive oil to signify the “use by” date. Instead, the term “best before” date is used. The two mean very different things.

Does olive oil “expire”? Does “expired” olive oil hurt? Here we will explain.

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Best Practical Tips for Choosing Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Sometimes, BEST PRACTICAL TIPS come from the DON’Ts than DOs.

DO pay a little bit more attention to the label on the bottle when we do our usual round of grocery shopping for a bottle of extra virgin olive oil.

Surprises! Surprises! We may see these. Think twice!

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Simple & Healthy Recipes Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Yes, we live in a stressful society. But, life does not have to be complicated!

With 30ml (two tablespoons) of extra virgin olive oil a day, doing it consistently over the years, we can build up our body’s defence system against diseases. All we need is to know how! It is ok to start now!

How should we incorporate extra virgin olive oil to our everyday diet? In simple, easy, hassle-free, and more convenient ways?

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How to Buy Great Extra Virgin Olive Oil?


The Straits Times recently reported in Is that really extra-virgin olive oil in the bottle? that our consumer watchdog CASE has asked supermarkets to check on the quality of the extra virgin olive oil on their shelves.

This request was triggered by complaints in Europe over using low quality virgin olive oil and passing it off as higher quality extra virgin olive oil. What is shocking is that the brands implicated in the allegation actually include some of the most popular and commonly found brands.

Are we really paying for extra virgin olive oil? An article that appeared in The Straits Times offers 7 things to look out for, but here, we present our 7 practical tips to help you choose and buy good quality extra virgin olive oil.

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