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20% OFF All Extra Virgin Olive Oils for Dementia & Cancer Patients & their Immediate Family Members

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20% OFF for Dementia & Cancer Patients & their Immediate Family Members on all of our extra virgin olive oils at our online store. Here are the stories that set us thinking and trigger our follow-up action.

One day in one of our regular olive oil tasting roadshows at Duke Bakery @ Toa Payoh, a lady professional around 30 came to our booth.

While we were getting ready to explain things to her, the lady, however, simply asked for two bottles of 500ml Venta del Barón – that was considered unusual in one buy!

Being surprised and curious, we asked her why?

She said it was meant for her elderly mother, who has contracted colon cancer. Her mother went through operation recently and she was thinking of getting her something to speed up recovery.


While we felt sorry for her mother’s condition, we were happy to see a filial daughter who had spared some thoughts for our parents who painstakingly raise their children for years, and perhaps never ask or expect anything in return.

This lady took action and executed her thoughts – she surely and definitely earns our utmost respects – not an easy find in this materialistic and individualistic society.

Yet, on another routine olive oil tasting roadshow, this time at Duke Bakery @ Citylink, a lady came straight to our booth.

Being a teaching profession in the past, the old habits don’t change. We shared our understanding of extra virgin olive oils with her and chatted anything from misconceptions to usages.

And then, suddenly and unexpectedly, she told us that she is a cancer patient.

She said, as a cancer patient, you have to manage the financial aspects of treatment, medicine, and after-care – the road to recovery is not a smooth ride, and it takes time and lots of supports to keep them mentally and physically healthy.

Both encounters prompted us to ponder …

What could we do to help?


20% OFF all our extra virgin olive oils for Dementia & Cancer Patients & their Immediate Family Members, who live in Singapore, and purchase from our online store.

We foresee issues ahead, for example, logistic and authenticity.

Nonetheless, we have decided to proceed with our plan with immediate effect. We only have two conditions:

  1. When a product is on sales, special offer or promotion, where discount has already been given, the 20% off for members will not be applicable.
  2. The total amount of an order after the 20% discount must be at least S$50 or the current minimum order amount, whichever higher, to entitle for a free delivery. Alternatively, we suggest group buy or self-collection. Find out more here.


Premium quality extra virgin olive oil is very rich in anti-inflammatory properties and contains powerful antioxidants in abundance – you could tell from its bitterness and pepperiness, besides its fruitiness.

Extra virgin olive oil is “olive juice” and it is not oily because the extraction process does not involve high heat nor chemical.

We think that extra virgin olive oil is an excellent diet – for everyone.



Cooking oil is that small little thing. Unfortunately, it is also one that is always being taken for granted.

Please help us spread this wonderful news to all of your friends: 20% OFF for Dementia and Cancer Patients & their Immediate Family Members on all of our extra virgin olive oils at our online store.

We hope that our premium quality extra virgin olive oils and our special offer could reach out to as many people as we could and help out as much as we would to those who are in need of healthy diet on their road to recovery or as a preventive measurement.

Lastly, please support our cause by spreading the news and optionally (press) “LIKE” our “Only Olive Oil” facebook page to give us your moral supports.

We will regularly publicise posts that are written based on facts that are supported by information and evidences from reliable sources.

And who knows one day, you will be considering using extra virgin olive oil in your culinary preparation – Good for our kids and family. Good for their healthier and heartier future!



Next time when we are enjoying the food at a finest restaurant or just a simple meal at a hawker centre, … when we are cooking home-made food for our kids and family, … when we are ordering a bowl of healthy salad, … when we are consuming delicious organic meals, …



What kind of oil is used to prepare the meal?

What will happen to our health as we age – if we are taking in small little doses of cooking oil from the food we consume everyday?

Only Olive OilVAS & SAV Trading is an import/export trading company specialised in award-winning, premium quality, and world’s best extra virgin olive oils.

We always have the people at heart – We make world’s best affordable.

We pay attention to small little things – the quality.

We are not selling olive oils – We are selling healthy living.

Yes, we sell olive oils – But, we sell olive oils from the bottom of our heart.

When you need to buy premium quality extra virgin olive oil – Remember to buy from Only Olive Oil

Photo: flickr. Kat Northern Lights Man. CC License.

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